Welcome to Liverpool the Great South West, our new brand and messaging for the city. The Great South West is an extraordinary place to live, play, work and grow. We’ve introduced the new Liverpool identity to get the message out about all the things that make us great.

Liverpool is rapidly becoming one of the most important regions in the State. Liverpool is experiencing more growth and investment in infrastructure than any other city in Australia. Home to Sydney’s second international airport and a vibrant and diverse community with unlimited potential, Liverpool is becoming the premier destination for new and established businesses, health and medical research, education and a lifestyle choice for families. We’re bold, genuine and lively and our new brand is informed by a vivid colour palette that jumps off the page. Each letter is as unique as the city itself. We’re a place that believes in re-invention and we’re a young population with energy and drive. We represent many cultures and traditions and we love we’re from – and we love Liverpool.

We also give a big welcome. We always have and we always will. And we welcome new residents and businesses alike. “Through our new brand identity we are claiming Sydney’s South West,” says Liverpool Mayor Ned Manounn. “The Great South West refers to the ‘Greater’ Liverpool Local Government Area and region and promotes the South West as a new frontier to explore – a place where opportunities are boundless. ” The new city brand is set to debut across flags, building site hoardings, projections, events, signs and much more in the next few months.

So keep your eyes peeled, and enjoy our city’s brand new look!



Liverpool – Greatness in Motion

The Great South West is experience unprecedented growth and offers more opportunities than ever before. The best way to capture this incredible city’s ‘greatness’ is through the short film we’re proud to share with you right here.